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"Now is the time to CHANGE YOUR LIFE ... My workshop will teach you how to define your goals and create your own personal plan for a richer and happier life."

Join Mary Ann at her beautiful private waterside residence as she walks you through a simple, yet powerful process. Thousands of successful business people around the world use this system to tap into the disciplines that have changed their lives “FOREVER”. Now you have the opportunity to do it too! The Rapid Engineered Mind (REM) designed and patented by Mary Ann teaches you the tools and disciplines needed to achieve goals you’ve only dreamed about. You will learn how to reprogram your subconscious to empower yourself to take the actions that will propel your life forward to a new level. Develop the skills to improve your finances, relationships, careers and businesses, as she carefully guides you thru this process. You’ll discover the beliefs, needs and emotional patterns that influence and drive your life, and what actions to take to become mentally stronger, more resourceful and ultimately, the kind of person you always wanted to be.

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    The Rapid Engineered Mind Brochure Download
    The Rapid Engineered Mind (REM)

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