The 4 Components of The Rapid Engineered Mind
REM- The Rapid Engineered Mind

4 Components and 9 Ports of Life

What is REM?

REM is a comprehensive methodology that helps executives and teams turn vision into reality. R.E.M. provides a step by step process that translates vision into Life Plans which shape Destiny.

The REM manual is a comprehensive toolkit addressing every port of life. Packaged in 6 modules with a collection of over 80 tools, benchmarks, matrices, flowcharts, plans and strategic instrument.

The Four Major Components of The Rapid Engineered Mind Methodology:

● Strategic mental conditioning meta models
● Building block theory (maximizing your future)
● Circle of Influence
● Vision – Execute – Plan

4 Components of The Rapid Engineered Mind (REM)

The Strategic Mental Model

The Strategic Mental Model
The "Conditioning" phase; leveraging your personal influence, transformational vocabulary, communication skills, mind mapping, rules, beliefs, values and state management.

● Human influence
● Self-sabotage
● Rules - beliefs - values
● Emotions (the power)
● The master mind theory
● Personal breakthroughs

● Conscious & subconscious
● Peak state and anchoring
● Controlling neuro associations
● Moving forward on mental models
● The human map and mind mapping
● Communication tool - kit plan matrix

● Visionary lnsight with tacticalbrilliance ● Moving towards what drives you
● Seizing control in no leverage situations ● Tools to manage your state in themidst of adversity

The Rapid Re-Engineering

The Rapid Re-Engineering
The "Planning Phase”; Your REM blueprint is the building block for managing your triggers - pain, pleasure, principals, and passion.

● Develop a powerful state
● Create a mission statement ● Modify your Behavior
● Check up from the neck up

● Find your Building Block Life Theory
● Twin principles – pain and pleasure
● Capitalize on your sphere of Influence
● Develop your life blueprint map

● Identify your negative limiting beliefs ● Understanding negative anchors ● Calculate where you are now
● Decide where you want to be

The Sphere of Influence

The Sphere of Influence
Your sphere of influence supports all 9 points of your life. Learn to use your leverage ability in order to empower and maximize your sphere of influence! Your very own “Sphere of Influence Chart” with several powerful tools, templates and strategies already used by many highly influential people and companies, will be given to you. So that you too can identify and maximize your Sphere of Influence through;

● Relationships
● Metaphors
● Values and life styles

● Personal integration
● Portal check-up
● Rapport and respect

● The magic of persuasion
● Influencing strategy (right reasons)
● Remove barriers preventing success

Vision > Map > Plan > Execute >

Map > Vision > Plan > Execute
The "Execution Phase”; strategize, plan, and benchmark, the SMM, POM, & REM blueprints. Use the take home dashboard monitor along with your customized Destiny Hand-book all designed to help “YOU” achieve your dreams. This is your operational guide “Life Project Management System,” which contributes to a long term sustainable advantage and provides detailed clarity & change management skills.

● Turn vision into reality
● Life entity diagram
● Project objective matrix
● Keeping the momentum

● Engineering your passion
● Beliefs of successful leaders
● Strategic measurement matrix
● Success conditioning

● Establishing a web of Influence
● Explore your power of influence
● Assists you to stay on autopilot
● ●Your Destiny Handbook

REM Balanced Dashboard

Relationship between The 4 Components,The 9 Ports of Life and your decision making process graph
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