The 9 Ports of Life
REM- The Rapid Engineered Mind

4 Components and 9 Ports of Life

Focus on the main ports of Life and Business

● How to take your Business and Life to the Next Level
● Skills, Behaviors and Traits of Power Leaders
● Strategy and Objectives to Identify and Achieve Desired Outcomes
● Mega Marketing and Sales Strategy Models and Matrices
● Rapid Planning Model (R.P.M.) Tool (detailed plan to achieve the Vision and Objectives)
● Communication Strategies and Tools to meet the Objectives
● Execution and Benchmarking Process and Deliverables

The Tools of REM

● The Human Dashboard
● Strategic Mental Models
● Project Measurement Matrix
● Rapid Re-engineered Mind Matrix
● Performance Benchmarking
● The Circle of Influence Matrixes
● Built in Quality and Performance Instruments
● Extensive and Detailed Documentation
● Leadership Component
● Extensive Education

REM Achieves

● Passion
● Discipline
● Enhanced quality of life
● Stronger leaders, profit and performance
● Enhanced sphere of influence
● Fun – enhanced connection to yourself and your sphere of influence
● Your life plan – your destiny

9 Ports of Life
Look at these nine ports: sphere of influence, spirituality, family, health both physical and mental, business/career, financial, environment, social (fun), community contribution, do it - map and wrap that around the 4 Components of the REM methodology; it provides us with a powerful foundation to create even greater abundance in a more rapid time frame, where we collapse time and provide more joy in our life and less stress for ourselves and those around us.

Sphere of Influence

Sphere of Influence
Maximize all areas of your life as well as the other 8 ports of your life by having a healthy - strong gladiator type environment of people to associate with.


Learn how to embrace the powerful energy in the universe and channel that to all of the 9 ports of your life.


Family has a major influence on your life and how we can leverage our desire for their success by fueling our own success.


Physically and mentally; Strive for a powerful mental state and healthy body, this allows us to attract a greater sphere of influence, make better decisions in our business, and create financial abundance.


When we're surrounded by a powerful sphere of influence we vibrate at a very high spiritual energy vibration, it allows us to have a healthy physical and mental body, and it will fuel port 6, which allows us to support our business, greater shareholder value.

Financial Wealth

Financial Wealth
Finances are critical because they in-turn will fuel how we can take care of our family, ourselves, our business as well as the next three ports: 7, 8 & 9.


People, places and things.. Want to make a quick change, change these things. The aesthetics, organization and cleanliness of our office, our home our surroundings and our INTERACTIONS.

Social (FUN)

Social Fun
Interactions and the ability to have fun and celebrate the small wins. This will fuel our ability to attract a greater sphere of influence, allow us also for the second port, to manifest great energy, spiritual energy. We are role models for our family, business, vendors, friends; our mental and physical health are expanded because we are social and interacting in a positive environment.


Community Contribution
As see in all the other 8 ports, when fueled together, they allow us to create greater contribution for ourselves, our family, our sphere of influence, and our clients.
The diagram below shows the relationship between the 4 components, 9 ports of life, your triggers (rules, beliefs and values) and the outcome of your decision making processes. Relationship between The 4 Components,The 9 Ports of Life and your decision making process graph
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