The 4 Components of The Rapid Engineered Mind
RIM - Rapid Implementation Methodology

Technology and Human Capital Integration

What is R.I.M.© and how will it help my business?

As a simple yet sophisticated method to implementing and maintaining systems, software and general IT projects, R.I.M. delivers value to it user(s) through the following benefits:

● Lower total cost of ownership (TCO – systems, software, general IT projects)
● Gains in operational effectiveness
● Improvements in process efficiency and Quality

The R.I.M. Guide/Tool-Kit Workshop provides over 700 pages of Project Plans, Benchmarks and Quality Control Instruments from numerous projects. The Guide outlines and provides examples of every step of the Implementation Process. Success is only possibly with the right tools and leadership.

R.I.M. modules contain their own tools and toolsets:

The "Planning Phase”; Your REM blueprint is the building block for managing your triggers - pain, pleasure, principals, and passion.

● Strategic Planning
● Project Planning
● Project Quality Controls/Organization
● Project Team Tools
● Rapid Re-engineering
● Detailed Fit
● Product Development
● Reports & Interfaces
● Testing

● Conversion
● Data Base Environments
● Business Continuity
● Security
● Production
● Training
● Communication & Change Management
● Leadership

License RIM for any size enterprise

By applying R.I.M. to the management and maintenance of your projects you can…

● Lower project costs
● Deliver projects on-time and within budget
● Minimize risk and manage expectations while delivering Outstanding Quality
● Lower customer service costs
● Increase customer satisfaction
● Achieve better customer profitability ratios
● Increase the Value Proposition for your Client and Prospective Clients

RIM Building Block theory

Relationship between The 4 Components,The 9 Ports of Life and your decision making process graph

Rapid Implementation Methodology

Relationship between The 4 Components,The 9 Ports of Life and your decision making process graph
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